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Is Universal Credit fit for purpose?

[14 September 2017]

The Citizens Advice Bureau is calling for the full roll out of Universal Credit to be paused until 'significant problems' are fixed.

In this podcast episode Andy Coish, Advice Session Co-ordinator at Hull and East Riding Citizens Advice, outlines the problems and difficulties Universal Credit is causing for both applicants and those whose role it is to help.
0:00 - Introduction and update with where we are with the roll out of Universal Credit.

1:02 - The eligibility criteria for Universal Credit.

1:17 - The problems and difficulties CAB are encountering as they help Universal Credit applicants.

2:21 - Universal Credit applications can take 6 weeks before first payments are made, so how are people expected to cope financially during that period?

3:33 - After a successful Universal Credit application what issues are people having with the monthly payments?

4:08 - Are the problems associated with Universal Credit causing homelessness?

4:35 - How many Universal Credit cases are you seeing each week?

4:49 - Are people struggling with the application process for Universal Credit?

5:22 - Problems associated with the Universal Credit telephone helpline.

6:08 - Are Universal Credit payouts lower in value than the legacy benefits people may previously have received?

6:30 - What impacts do even small fluctuations in benefits payments have on people's lifestyles?

7:01 - The film 'I, Daniel Blake' portrays the benefits system as faceless and stressful, is it always like this?

7:55 - What advice and support is available to Universal Credit claimants through the Citizens Advice Bureau?

8:41 - Is CAB's support only available to people who are encountering problems with a claim, or can people seek help even before making an application?

Hull and East Riding Citizens Advice: